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BNDE is a TWC approved Career School. Financial Aid for Houston Gulf Coast region Click here
All our training classes include General, Specific and Practical Exams

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE for SNT-TC-1A Level I and II NDT Training School. Training as per SNT-TC-1A or NAS410

Dec 5-9   VT I & II
Dec 12-16 Ultrasonic Testing I
Radiographic Film Interpretation
Phased Array UT II (wk 1/2)
UT II Ltd - Thickness
Dec 19-23 Ultrasonic Testing II
Phased Array UT II (wk 2/2)
Dec 26-30 Christmas VT I & II
Jan 2-6 NY day MT I & II PT I & II
Jan 9-13 Ultrasonic Testing I
UT II Limited - Thickness
Jan 16 -20 Ultrasonic Testing II
Jan 23-27 VT I & II  
Jan 30-Feb3 MT I & II PT I & II
Feb 6-10 Ultrasonic Testing I
UT II Limited - Thickness
Feb 13-17 Ultrasonic Testing II
Feb 20-24 VT I & II  
Feb 27-Mar3 MT I & II PT I & II
Mar 6-10 Ultrasonic Testing I
UT II Limited - Thickness
Mar 13-17 Ultrasonic Testing II
Mar 20-24 VT I & II  
Mar 27-31 MT I & II PT I & II
Apr 3-7 Ultrasonic Testing I
UT II Limited - Thickness
Apr 10-14 Ultrasonic Testing II
Apr 17-21 VT I & II  
Apr 24-28 MT I & II PT I & II
May 1-5 Ultrasonic Testing I
UT II Limited - Thickness
May 8-12 Ultrasonic Testing II
May 15-19 VT I & II  
May 22-26 MT I & II PT I & II
May 29-J2 Mem day Ultrasonic Testing I
UT II Limited - Thickness
Jun 5 - 9 Ultrasonic Testing II
Jun 12-16 VT I & II  
Jun 19- 23 MT I & II PT I & II
Jun 26-30 Ultrasonic Testing I
UT II Limited - Thickness
Jul 3-7 Ultrasonic Testing II
Jul 10-14 VT I & II  
Jan 17-21 MT I & II PT I & II
Jul 24-28 Ultrasonic Testing I
UT II Limited - Thickness
Jul 31-Aug4 Ultrasonic Testing II
Aug 7 - 11 VT I & II  

Methods, Level, Training Hours, Days and Fees

Magnetic Particle Testing I and II (SNT) 24 hrs 3 days $ 720
Penetrant Testing I and II (SNT) 16 hrs 2 days $ 620
Ultrasonic Testing I (SNT/NAS) 40 hrs 5 days $ 1200
Ultrasonic Testing2 II (SNT/NAS) 40 hrs 5 days $ 1200
Phased Arrays (one week)5   40 hrs 5 days $ 1450
Phased Arrays II5 II (SNT) 80 hrs 10 days $ 2450
TOFD6   40 hrs 5 days $ 1650
UT-Thickness A-Scan1 II Limited (SNT) 24 hrs 3 days $ 720
RT Film Interpretation II Limited (SNT) 40 hrs 5 days $ 1200
Visual Testing I and II (SNT) 24 hrs 3 days $ 720
Eddy Current Testing I (SNT/NAS) 40 hrs 5 days $ 1200
Eddy Current Testing2 II (SNT/NAS) 40 hrs 5 days $ 1200
Magnetic Particle Testing I and II (NAS) 32 hrs 4 days $ 1100
Penetrant Testing I and II (NAS) 32 hrs 4 days $ 1100
Intro to NDT   40 hrs 5 days $ 1650

* Important Notes:
1. Students shall bring a copy of college/high school diploma on first day of classes
2. MT, PT and VT Classes combine Level I and II in one single class

Training dates are subject to change or cancellation.
Training Program is as per Section 7.0 of SNT-TC-1A, 2011

1. All Fees must be paid before the start of the class. POs are acceptable from Business accounts.
2. Students will not be allowed to take the class if either the fee is not paid in full or the PO is not received.
3. Certificates will be issued only after receipt of full payment.
4. A $200 deposit is required to book your place in the class. POs are acceptable from Business accounts.
5. DO NOT Send credit card numbers via email

You may register for a class online by clicking here or on the phone by calling (281) 488-8944.

see also what is NDT Level II ?

Students taking the Ultrasonic Testing I and II must bring scientific calculators. We also suggest that they review the math refresher before attending the class.

Training classes in the NDE office run from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Non-destructive Testing Training can also be scheduled on an as needed basis if there is a minimum of four students. We have provided training all over US and world-wide. In 2012 we provided Visual Training for NASA Ames, Moffett Field, CA and Fundamentals of NDT Training for OMV Petrom, Bucharest, Romania
Call 832-533-8366 or email to schedule training.

NDT Training as per SNT-TC-1A 2016 Edition
The required training hours for SNT-TC-1A  can be found in the table. The table provides the total training hours for certification towards Level I and Level II. For example, for MT Level II certification requires a total of 20 hours. Training Program is described in Section 7.0 of SNT-TC-1A 2016. see also what is Written Practice

NDT Training as per NAS 410
The required training hours for NAS410  can be found in the table. NAS 410 requires more hours for MT and PT as compared to SNT-TC-1A. Higher fees apply to NAS410 MT and PT training. see fees

Training Program Notes
Certification of all levels of NDT is the responsibility of the employer (9.1 of SNT-TC-1A, 2011)
2. Our training Program is as per Section 7.0 of SNT-TC-1A, 2011
3. Employers must meet all other requirements to include education, experience and examinations for complete certification as per sections 6.0 and 8.0 of SNT-TC-1A. see NDT Certification

Nondestructive Testing Training Courses meet the ASNT SNTC-1A guidelines. Training is conducted by qualified ASNT level III instructors. Training includes theory, techniques, applications, practicals, and procedures. Our courses make reference to ASTM standards, ASME and AWS Codes.

Click on the links below to view course outlines.

NDT Training Videos
Short videos on Introduction to NDT techniques are at videos

Magnetic Particle Testing Training Level I and II
Liquid Penetrant Training Level I and II
Ultrasonic Testing Training Level I
Ultrasonic Testing Training Level II
Ultrasonic Testing - Thickness Level II Ltd
Eddy Current Training Level I
Eddy Current Training Level II
Visual and Optical Testing Training Level I and II
RT II Limited Film Interpretation
Intro to NDT (PT, MT, RT, UT, ET and VT)

Phased Arrays UT Level II
Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
NDT Level III Refresher
High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) Detection
Radiography Film interpretation

Click here to view a sample NDT training certificate.

Birring NDE Center also provides NDT Level III Services to include  Level III Assignment, preparation of NDT Written Practice, preparation of NDT Procedures, audits, etc.

Birring NDE Center also offers on-site training. We have conducted liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, visual testing and eddy current testing training classes for clients in Texas, Louisiana, California, New Mexico, Washington, Florida, Ohio, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Overseas, we have held in-house training classes for clients from Canada, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, India, Pakistan, Qatar, and the Philippines. For training at your location and  more information, please contact us

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November 28-December Special
Package B: MT, PT and UT II -
$ 2990

Training available Worldwide OVER 3800 CERTIFIED
CALL (832) 533 8366 to Register or click
on-line registration.
Walk in registration available for classes highlighted in Blue
Classes start at 7:30 am
Employers Contact us for Certificate Verification
MT I and II (24 hrs) - $720
PT I and II (16 hrs) - $620
UT I or UT II (40 hrs each)- $ 1200 each
ET I or ET II (40 hrs each) - $ 1200 each
UT II Ltd Thickness (24 hrs) - $ 720
RT II Ltd Interpretation (40 hrs) - $ 1200
VT I and II (24 hrs) - $720
On-Site Training - CALL

NDT Package B:
MT, PT, UT (I and II): $ 3490
NDT Package C:
MT, PT, UT, VT (I and II): $ 4160
NDT Package D:
MT, PT : $ 1300
Birring NDE is a TWC+ certified training provider and its NDT Program A qualifies for WIOA* Financial Aid for eligible individuals. Click here on how to apply for financial aid.  +Texas Workforce Commission, *WIOA - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.
Nondestructive Testing Program A: MT II, PT II, VT II, RTFI, UT I and II - 184 hours

Fees includes General, Specific and Practical Examinations for SNT-TC-1A classes
(see fees for details)

2016 Highlights
School approved for financial Aid through the WIOA - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. Financial aid available through the Texas Workforce Solutions offices in the Houston Gulf Coast area.
2015 Highlights
School approved as a Licensed Career School by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).
Reopens October 5 as a TWC approved Career School
2014 Highlights
Ultrasonic Level I for US Coast Gaurd, Yorktown, VA
Introduction to NDT for ExxonMobil Development Company
2013 Highlights
Introduction to NDT Training for Shell Oil Company, Houston and Shell, Malaysia
Fundamentals of NDT II and III for OMV Petrom, Bucharest, Romania
Introduction to NDT Training in Houston for Technip, USA
Introduction to NDT Training in Istanbul for South Oil Company, Iraq.
2012 Highlights
Visual Training for NASA Ames, Moffett Field, CA
Fundamentals of NDT I for OMV Petrom, Bucharest, Romania

NDT Job Placement Web sites
Recent Papers
Anmol Birring, " NDT Technician Professional Development" ASNT, ICPIIT XIV, Houston, Texas, June 2015
Anmol Birring, Ram P. Samy and Stephen Rowland "Testing and Training of NDT Technicians" Materials Evaluation, September, 2011

Free NDT Training available in under developed  regions of the world
Birring NDE offers free training in under-developed areas. Please contact us directly for eligibility. In addition, we offer partial scholarships for students from under developed countries. These are available on a case by case basis. In 2014,Birring NDE awarded scholarship to Joseph Mkalla from Kenya Bureau of Standards, Nairobi

Working with Community Colleges
Anmol Birring "Exploring Careers in Math and Science" at the San Jacinto College, Houston, Oct 19, 2010

Anmol Birring presented "Careers in Inspections and NDE" at the Technology Campus of South Texas College, McAllen, Texas, May 20, 2010


"One of the most exciting times I have had learning anything. I cannot wait to come back." -Erin Esparza, Ultrasonic Testing Level I class,
August 2014

"Ram is an excellent instructor. He takes time to explain and really cares if you succeed. I'm looking forward to returning in the summer to take PT."
-Claude Morrow Mar 2012

"Very pleasant class, the instructor was very informative and extremely knowledgeable on the subjects covered. I will certainly recommend these courses to others in my field."
-Joseph Mason Mar 2012

"I attended the Birring NDE Center to gain my phased array (QUPA) and shear wave certifications (QUTE) from API. I was very satisfied to learn that I passed both examinations. The instructors were very helpful. The hands on training provided by these instructors helped me pass these examinations"
Reginald Lemoine, Nov 2011

"I got a job as an aircraft maintenance inspector in Jacksonville, Florida. I will do eddy current inspections on parts and travel overseas to perform inspections. I would like to thank Birring NDE for a new beginning"
Anthony Pigrim, June 2011

"It's great to be taught from instructors that are very knowledgeable, skilled with the explanations, and most importantly have field experience and real world knowledge"
Marshall Correu, April 5-May 14, 2010

"I came to class with no experience and now I'm leaving with complete understanding of the method. My instructor took the time to explain in detail any questions of UT that I had, I am also glad that we had lots of actual hands-on training with our instructor over-looking and explaining everything we did. Thank you, and I am looking forward to my MT and PT classes 2 weeks from now. (Great Instructor)" Rufino Granados, May 3-14, 2010

"I liked that a majority of the time was for the practical. It prepares us for out in the field." Josh Block, May 10-14, 2010.

Industry needs NDT Technicians.
Individuals with a high school diploma who have a strong mechanical aptitude in working with tools are strongly urged to consider this technical field. A person with a high school diploma can go through basic NDT training in four weeks and start as a technician trainee. The technician can get fully certified as Level II as he attains on the job experience hours. See what is a NDT level II?.

Introduction to NDT training class for engineers and inspectors from Rhodia. The multimedia NDT training facility includes two class rooms with a total capacity of 32 students.

UT Shear Wave Training on test samples with embedded flaws. Weld flaws include cracks, slag, porosity, LOF and LOP. Training by Hemant Rawat, ASNT Level III

ECT Training on the Tube Test Bundle with defects. Inspectors are trained and tested to detect defects in tube free span and under baffles

Testing sensitivity and resolution of ultrasonic phased arrays.

Dr. Ram Samy, ASNT Level III Lead Instructor Conducts MT training at the Birring NDE Center, Houston

Steve Rowland conducts UT, MT and PT training at the Birring NDE Center in Houston.

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