NDT Course Outlines

Birring NDE – NDT Course Outlines

Training includes lectures, quizzes and practicals and is conducted in a class room environment as per SNT-TC-1A. Our training program places significant emphasis on practicals which we believe are very  important for NDT training. That is why we do not offer on-line or internet based NDT training programs.

Training covers the three major areas required by SNT-TC-1A
GENERAL – Theory, Techniques, Applications
SPECIFIC –  Procedures, Codes and Standards
PRACTICAL – Instrumentation, Calibrations, Evaluation, Flawed Specimens

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Magnetic Particle Testing Training Level I and II
Liquid Penetrant Testing Training Level I and II
Ultrasonic Testing Training Level I
Ultrasonic Testing Training Level II
RT I Course Outline

RT II Course Outline
Eddy Current Testing Training Level I

Eddy Current Testing Training Level II
RTFI II Course Outline
Visual and Optical Testing Training Level I and II
Intro to NDT (PT, MT, RT, UT, ET and VT)
Phased Array Level II
Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
Radiation Safety
Advanced UT of Welds – QUTE Preparation
PAUT of Welds – QUPA Preparation

NDT Program A – 184 hour comprehensive
NDT Program B – 184 hour comprehensive

A short course Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) – 4 hours (Also presented at ASNT Fall Conference, 2018)