Anmol Birring Students at the School
MT Training lecture – Vikram Birring  Class Room Instruction with quizzes to
meet ASNT SNT-TC-1A 2016 requirements
UT I Training at Axis Pipe, Bryan, TX, 2021
UT thickness equipment and samples.
UT probe on step block.
 Eddy Current of Turbine Components
Completing of Training  Radiographic Training
Ultrasonic testing – Turbine Blade attachment area with Phased Array  RT Contact shot. Double wall exposure single wall viewing (DWE-SWV)
Phased Array class  Eddy current bolt holes
Surface eddy current practicals. Instructor – Ram Samy  Surface eddy current testing on carbon steel weld
UT Phased Array on high energy steam pipe  Flouroscent Liquid Penetrant Inspection – LPI
UT Training for US Coast Guard Eddy current testing –  Crack disrupts eddy current field and changes coil impedance from “1” to “2′
Surface eddy current testing with pencil probe  NDT Training, Istanbul, Turkey
Eddy Currunt tubing inspection on a mockup
of tubes with defects
 Ultrasonic Weld Inspection. Plotting indications. RA and DA
Phased Array Calibration on three side drilled holes