Anmol Birring conducting Guest Lecture on Zoom for Ohio State University NDT Class,
Method – Radiography. March 30, 2022
Students at the School
MT Training lecture – Vikram Birring  Class Room Instruction with quizzes to
meet ASNT SNT-TC-1A 2016 requirements
UT I Training at Axis Pipe, Bryan, TX, 2021  Anmol Birring
UT thickness equipment and samples.
UT probe on step block.
 Eddy Current of Turbine Components
Completing of Training  Radiographic Training
Ultrasonic testing – Turbine Blade attachment area with Phased Array  RT Contact shot. Double wall exposure single wall viewing (DWE-SWV)
Phased Array class  Eddy current bolt holes
Surface eddy current practicals. Instructor – Ram Samy  Surface eddy current testing on carbon steel weld
UT Phased Array on high energy steam pipe  Flouroscent Liquid Penetrant Inspection – LPI
UT Training for US Coast Guard Eddy current testing –  Crack disrupts eddy current field and changes coil impedance from “1” to “2′
Surface eddy current testing with pencil probe  NDT Training, Istanbul, Turkey
Eddy Currunt tubing inspection on a mockup
of tubes with defects
 Ultrasonic Weld Inspection. Plotting indications. RA and DA
Phased Array Calibration on three side drilled holes