NDT Inspections and Consulting

NDT Inspections and Consulting  Services are provided through NDE Associates, Inc.

NDT Inspections to include Phased Array Inspections of piping welds, corrosion resistant alloy (CRA), welds, heavy wall pressure vessels. We use specialized highly focused phased probes for high sensitivity inspections. See publications on phased array and CRA weld inspections

Eddy Current Inspections of Heat Exchangers. We have been offering this service since 1995. See eddy current papers and on Selection of eddy current techniques at

Qualify AUT systems for pipeline inspections as per DNV-OS-F101. Review and approve AUT procedure based on zonal and TOFD inspection. Qualification includes validating 90/95 POD, temperature and repeatability.

Qualify Phased Array UT in lieu of RT as per ASME VIII-2.

Review NDT procedures to assure they follow the correct inspection process and comply with codes and standards. Verify acceptance criteria.

Conduct NDT audits to make sure the NDT companies are conducting work in accordance with required procedures.

Provide oversight for NDT inspections that include Automated UT, Phased Array UT, TOFD, film, computed and digital radiography.

NDT engineering studies are conducted on projects to make sure that the inspection does meet the engineering requirements for flaw detection and sizing. This may involve interfacing NDE capability with engineering requirements from fracture mechanics and ECA.

Anmol Birring has provided consulting services globally to major companies including ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Shell Oil, Rasgas, Total, NRG Energy etc.