what is visual testing

What is Visual Testing ?


Visual testing is done on finished products by a skilled and experienced inspector for detection, interpretation and acceptance of discontinuities. Visual testing requires the inspector to have in depth knowledge of the manufacturing process and the flaws that can be expected with such processes. Visual inspector must have a thorough knowledge of the applicable codes


Magnifying glass, flash light, measurement gauges


Visual testing has a range of applications that include inspection of  welding, composites, coatings etc. Welding inspection includes checking for proper fit prior to welding, misalignment, weld reinforcement, weld defects such as slag, porosity, undercut, cracks etc. Composite inspections look for deformities, impact damage and blistering.


  • AWS D1.1 for structural weld inspections. See Table 8.1
  • ASME VIII, div 1 for pressure vessels


  • VT Level II, Course no – NDT-101
  • Duration – 24 hours