what is phased array testing

What is Phased Array Testing ?


Phased array testing is an extension of ultrasonic testing. Instead of single element probe used in conventional UT, phased array uses multi-element probes, typically 16 or 32 elements. The elements are pulsed individually with programmed time delays to control the beam steering and focusing. Beam steering allows the beam to sweep over a range of angles instead of a fixed angle in conventional UT. Phased array testing is the same technology as used in medical ultrasound and displays the results in a sectorial scan showing the beam sweep over a range of angles.

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Phased array UT is used for flaw detection in test materials and welds. The sectorial scan display of phased array makes the technique easy to interpret for the technician and a more reliable test compared to conventional UT

Level II – 80 hours, Course No. 205
Prerequisite – UT Level II