Class Schedule

NDT Level I and II training as per SNT-TC-1A. For course outlines see training info

2022 Schedule – tentative and subject to change, revision or cancellation
All classes are in-person at our facility – 515 Tristar, Webster, TX

May 16-20 VT I & II
May 23-27 MT I & II PT I & II
May 23-27
May 31-Jun3 Ultrasonic Testing I  May 30 holiday 
May 31-Jun3  Eddy Current Testing I  May 30 holiday
Jun 6-10 Ultrasonic Testing II
Jun 6-10  Eddy Current Testing II
Jun 13-17 VT I & II
Jun 20-24 MT I & II PT I & II
Jun 20-24 Radiographic Testing I
Jun 27-Jul1 Ultrasonic Testing I 
Jun 27-Jul1  Eddy Current Testing I
Jul 4-8 Ultrasonic Testing II Jul 4 holiday 
Jul 4-8  Eddy Current Testing II Jul 4 holiday
Jul 11-15 VT I & II
Jul 18-22 MT I & II PT I & II
Jul 18-22 Radiographic Testing I
Jul 25-29 Ultrasonic Testing I 
Jul 25-29  Eddy Current Testing I
Aug 1-5 Ultrasonic Testing II
Aug 1-5  Eddy Current Testing II
Aug 8-12 VT I & II
Aug 15-19 MT I & II PT I & II
Aug 22-26 Radiographic Testing I
Aug 22-26 Ultrasonic Testing I 
Aug 22-26  Eddy Current Testing I
Aug 29-Sep2 Ultrasonic Testing II
Aug 29-Sep2  Eddy Current Testing II
Sep 6-8 VT I & II  Sep 5 holiday
Sep 12-16 MT I & II PT I & II
Sep 19-23 Radiographic Testing I
Sep 19-23 Ultrasonic Testing I 
Sep 19-23  Eddy Current Testing I
Sep 26-30 Ultrasonic Testing II
Sep 26-30  Eddy Current Testing II
Oct 3-5 VT I & II
Oct 10-14 MT I & II PT I & II
Oct 17-21 Radiographic Testing I
Oct 17-21 Ultrasonic Testing I 
Oct 17-21  Eddy Current Testing I
Oct24-28 Ultrasonic Testing II
Oct 24-28  Eddy Current Testing II
Oct 31-Nov2 VT I & II
Nov 7-11 MT I & II PT I & II
Nov 14-18 Radiographic Testing I
Nov 14-18 Ultrasonic Testing I 
Nov 14-18  Eddy Current Testing I
Nov20-23 Ultrasonic Testing II Holiday24-25
Nov 20-23  Eddy Current Testing II
Nov 28-30 VT I & II
Dec 5-9 MT I & II PT I & II
Dec 12-16 Radiographic Testing I
Dec 12-16 Ultrasonic Testing I 
Dec 12-16  Eddy Current Testing I
Dec19-23 Ultrasonic Testing II
Dec 19-23  Eddy Current Testing II
Dec 26-28 VT I & II