TWC Program

Birring NDE – TWC Program A

Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Program A qualifies for financial aid. Financial Aid is available for qualified individuals from the Houston Gulf Coast Region. Education Assistance also available for Veterans.
The 184 hour Program A  includes the following courses:

Magnetic Particle Testing – 24 hours
Liquid Penetrant Testing – 16 hours
Visual Testing – 24 hours
Ultrasonic Testing I – 40 hours
Ultrasonic Testing II – 40 hours
Radiograhy Film Interpretation –  40 hours

Steps to apply for Financial Aid from Texas Work Force Solutions

  1. Come to the Birring NDE Center, Inc. office at 515 Tristar Drive, Webster, Texas and get the TWC Cost of Obligation Form filled and signed by a School Representative. During the visit, we will give you a tour of the facility. There will also be a 10 point quiz on basic math skills.
  2. Go to the nearest Texas Workforce Solutions Office in the Houston Gulf Coast area and fill out the Application for Financial Aid. Eligibility will depend on employment status, total household income, etc.
  3. Birring NDE school code is bnc515
  4. Submit the completed (a) Financial Aid application and the (b) Cost of Obligation Form to TWC.
  5. The Workforce Solutions will contact you in about one to two weeks to inform you the decision on financial aid.
  6. Upon arrival, the Workforce Solutions will issue a fee voucher.
  7. Submit the fee voucher along with proof of education (e.g. High School Diploma, GED, College Degree, etc.) to Birring NDE to start the training.

Any questions, call Anna Bauer or Ezequiel Briceno at 832-533-8366